Sociology of Family

Sociology of family is a subfield of sociology that studies the family as a social institution and a unit of socialisation. It investigates how family structure, interaction, and culture vary across time, place, and social groups. It also examines how family relates to other social institutions, such as economy, politics, religion, education, and health.In this category, you will find articles that explain sociological views of the family, such as the functions and dysfunctions of the family, the diversity and change of family forms, the impact of family on individual development and well-being, the conflicts and inequalities within and between families, and the challenges and opportunities facing families in the contemporary world. You will also learn about some sociological theories and perspectives that inform the sociology of family, such as functionalism, Marxism, feminism, symbolic interactionism, social exchange theory, and family systems theory. If you are interested in how family affects and is affected by society, this category is for you.

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