Symbolic Interactionism

Symbolic interactionism is one of the most distinctive and influential perspectives in sociology and social psychology. It is based on the idea that human society and social behaviour are shaped by the meanings and interpretations that people attach to symbols, such as words, gestures, objects, and actions. In this category, you will find articles that explain various aspects of symbolic interactionism and interactionist ideas, such as the self, socialisation, roles, identity, impression management, dramaturgy, labelling, deviance, and more.You will also find articles that explore how interactionism has been applied, criticized, and developed by different scholars and schools in sociology and related disciplines. You will learn about the contributions and limitations of symbolic interactionism as a perspective and how it can help you understand the everyday life and interactions of individuals and groups. Our  interactionism category is designed to help you appreciate the importance and complexity of symbols and meanings in human society.

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