Sociology of Body & Health

Sociology of body & health is an area of sociology that focuses on how society shapes and is shaped by bodies and health. Bodies and health are not just biological phenomena. There are also social and cultural phenomena that are constructed and contested in various ways. In our sociology of body & health category, you will find articles on how sociology considers issues of bodies and health from different perspectives and levels.Articles include topics such as body image, disability, illness, aging, gender, race, sexuality, and more. They examine how these topics are defined, experienced, and represented in society. Including topics such as health care, medicine, public health, and bioethics, they analyse how these topics are organized, delivered, and regulated in society. Weshow how bodies and health are influenced by social factors such as class, culture, power, and ideology. Articles also show how bodies and health affect social relations and inequalities such as status, identity, stigma, and discrimination. Our sociology of body & health category is designed to help you understand the social and cultural dimensions of bodies and health and their implications for individuals and society.

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