Sociology of Education

Sociology of education is a subfield of sociology that explores how education and its outcomes are influenced by social institutions and individual experiences. It is mainly concerned with the public schooling systems of modern industrial societies, but also covers other forms of education, such as higher, adult, and lifelong learning. Sociology of education examines how education shapes and is shaped by social factors, such as class, race, gender, culture, and power. It also analyses how education affects social mobility, social equality, social change, and social problems.In this category, you will find articles that explain various areas of sociology of education, such as the origins and development of the sociology of education as a discipline, the different theoretical perspectives and methods used by sociologists of education, the role and function of education in society, the structure and organization of educational systems and institutions, the curriculum and pedagogy of education, the experiences and achievements of students and teachers, the relationships between education and other social institutions, such as family, economy, politics, and religion, and the current issues and challenges facing education in a globalised world. If you are interested in how education affects and is affected by society, this category is for you.

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